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Siapa Dalia Farhana? Dalia Farhana adalah seorang penyanyi yang bermula dengan minat membuat cover lagu di Youtube. Antara lagu yang pernah beliau cover adalah Payung Teduh – Akad, Ed Sheeran – Perfect, Camila Cabello – Havana, Virgoun – Bukti dan yang terbaharu adalah Near – Karna Su Sayang. Beliau juga pernah bergandingan dengan artis youtube yang lain seperti Sheryl Shazwanie untuk cover lagu Mr Ragaman dan Syinta Gila.

Selain berbakat dalam nyanyian, Dalia Farhana juga pandai bermain alat muzik seperti keyboard. Terbaiklah!

Terbaru, Dalia Farhana telah mengeluarkan lagu sendiri berjudul Take Care You dalam bentuk ‘Demo Version’. Lagu English ini telah dibuat dengan kolaborasi bersama Aniq Fakhrul, sementara lagu dan lirik oleh Dalia Farhana sendiri.

Biodata Dalia Farhana

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Dalia Farhana Berhijab Dalia Farhana Penyanyi Cover Lagu Youtube Foto Dalia Farhana Bertudung Gambar Cute Dalia Farhana Tanpa Cermin Mata Image Of Dalia Farhana Sheryl Shazwanie Dan Dalia Farhana

Lirik Lagu Take Care You – Dalia Farhana

[infobox style=”alert-success”]You, you look sad lately
Have you been alright?
Have you been sleeping well
while the stars are out at night?

You, you must have so much
on your mind
I know i’m not on it
But please know you are always on mine

You said you’d remember me the most
when you’ve made it
Look at you now you’re going places
while i’m waiting
Doesn’t matter now ‘cause you’re happy and
If you’re happy then i’m happy for you
But for now
Take care, you

You, it’s been a while
since we last met
But i’m counting days
Just in case you want to see my face

You, i’d be lying if i said that
i don’t miss you
But i’m learning to let you go
How? I don’t know

Maybe you just had a change of heart
I don’t blame you
‘Cause they say “like seasons and the weather
people change too”
So until then, when we meet again
If we meet again, that is if we do
But for now
Take care, you

You, i prayed for your happiness
I’m glad you found it
But sad that i’m not part of it anymore

Do you still think of me now that you’ve made it?
Time to take care of my heart
But i’m hoping that you and i
Will meet again
Will we meet again?
I hope that we do
But for now
Take care, you[/infobox]

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